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Our Services

Coordination With Other Companies

Grizzly’s is not designed to be all things to all people, but we’ve been around long enough to connect with other professionals in the area. We have a comprehensive list of landscape designers, garden and turf installers, maintenance crews, even scientists and consultants to answer questions from the mundane to the sophisticated. All of our regular contacts also offer free consultative services.

Tree Services

Here is a list of the tree services we can bring to our customers:
• Tree Removal
• Trimming
• Stump Grinding
• Spring Cleanup & Leaf Raking

Delivery & Installation

We offer both mulch delivery and mulch installation services throughout Sussex County. Grizzly’s prides itself on top quality, “be there when we say we will,” friendly, professional service in every area of our company from your first encounter to the conclusion of each transaction.

About 80% of our sales require delivery to a home or business. Deliveries are often coordinated with landscapers and/or homeowners installing or refreshing the landscape. Timeliness is of the utmost importance.

Our mulch inventory consists of high quality mulch that’s free of harmful chemicals or toxins. We believe that natural, organic mulch holds moisture and nutrients better than its synthetic counterparts, and we’ve seen the evidence in countless yards to prove it. Please visit our products page for more about our mulches.

Soil Services

Vibrant soil is the lifeblood of healthy plants. Plants, shrubs and trees need nutrients, moisture and air circulation to thrive. Unhealthy soil devoid of nutrients and organic matter cannot provide for the long term needs of plants and causes greater stress during periods of heat and drought. Sussex Conservation District website defines soil health as “the continued capacity to function as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans. Good soil health is a cornerstone of economic and environmental sustainability”.

Effective marketing campaigns have taught us to reach for quick-fix chemical fertilizers that are short-lived and do nothing to encourage optimum growing environments. Recommended treatments provide a boost of nutrients designed to dissipate over a specific period of time. Hence, these treatments must be reapplied every 6-8 weeks. Expensive reapplications keep a plant green or blooming, but do nothing to build beneficial soil organisms.Soil quality deteriorates over time if it does not receive regular inputs of organic elements. Adding an inch of compost every year will positively sustain a living ecosystem.

Free On-Site Consultation